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Lauren Henry | November 19, 2019 | 0 | Pet & Animals

Animals who have no home deserve a place to live in and to spend their best lives in, after going through hardships of being starving, abandoned and hurt. These animals include cats, dogs, pigs, rats, cows, goats and the like, and you can find rescued animals who are needing your help in their daily living inside a good Colombia animal sanctuary and other nonprofit animal organizations aiming to rescue, shelter and nurse animals back to health — all for the sake of the animals!



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A Great Abode for Animals


Animals, like stray cats and dogs, deserve human companionship and the utmost care from people, strangers or not. Even if they are strays, a good animal shelter nonprofit organization takes them in without second thoughts — because these animals are at risk of being euthanized in kill animal shelters — an undeserving way for strays to die.


Here are animals that go in an animal sanctuary or in a volunteer animal shelter and why they are taken there:


Dogs – though dogs are man’s best friend, some dogs are not treated as best friend by their owners. Sometimes, owned dogs are given away to animal shelters. Most dogs that go in animal shelters are strays and they are at risk for being euthanized.


Why They Are in Animal Shelters


The owners don’t like them anymore so they are left for adoption or euthanasia. Stray dogs are caught to control the increasing stray dog population and to decrease the chances of rabies cases in communities.


Cats – Cats are the four-legged furball who likes to sleep and eat all day. But some people don’t value them, they are seen as a nuisance whenever they attempt to steal food or poop everywhere. Stray cats are also found in the streets. Hence, animal shelters or pounds try to catch them.


Why They Are in Animal Shelters


Stray cats are rapidly multiplying in numbers. In fact, a female cat that is not spayed or neutered will produce 6 kittens per year — and with her offspring, can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years. That’s why animal shelters catch them to also control their population.


Rabbits, Rats, Mice – they’re not exactly popular as domestic pets, but they are animals, too. Rabbits are playful as well as rats and mice are. But some of them are inside animal shelters waiting for adoption or worse, in line for euthanasia.


Why They Are in Animal Shelters


The norm that these aren’t the normal domestic pets put them in animal shelters. Some owners of these animals simply give them up in animal shelters. For example, you can find rabbits in a Colombia animal sanctuary.


Your Donation Counts


The only reason why you should donate to the Colombia animal sanctuary and other no-kill animal shelters in the world is that donating an amount given from the heart would make a difference in the lives of these animals who are taken in because of mercy. Animals deserve a long and happy life, not a short and miserable one.


One of the active organizations for animals is Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary where you can raise, care for, and play with farm animals like the small pigs and loud cows. You can contact them through this link:


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