Vital information about whiplash injury and its treatment

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Whiplash is a common and serious injury associated with car accidents. The problem is, many people in Atlanta and in the USA ignore its threats. Particularly, those who experience incidents that can cause whiplash don’t consult Atlanta orthopedic specialist afterwards. Thus, they don’t receive proper treatment to heal their injuries and prevent complications.

What exactly is whiplash injury and what can cause it?

A whiplash is a form of neck injury that results from an impact of sudden accelerating and decelerating force. Such force causes the head and neck to move rapidly backward and forward, which results in hyperextending and hyperflexing respectively.

Hyperextending is when the unrestrained head and neck bends backwards, while the torso is pushed forward. On the other hand, hyperflexing happens when the head and neck are forcedly pushed forward.

When a vehicle crashes at the rear of your car, for example, your unrestricted head and neck tend to fall on hyperextending position. Note that the car seat will push your torso forward on the process. When the impact force decelerates, your head and neck will be rapidly thrown forward to hyperflex position in a moment.

This causes injuries to the neck tissues and muscles and affects the spine at the neck and upper back area. Moreover, it can cause discomforts and pain on the head, shoulders and arms, and can even affect the senses of sight and hearing. Thus, consulting an auto injury doctor is necessary right after the accident.

Threats and symptoms of whiplash injury

As mentioned above, whiplash can cause significant discomforts and pain on the body. Some of its common symptoms are:

  • Physical discomforts, such as pain on the head, neck, jaw, shoulder, back and arms are the primary symptoms of whiplash. Shoulder and neck stiffness are common as well.
  • Sensory disturbances, such as ringing in the ear and vision problems are common among cases. Moreover, patients can feel frequent dizziness, fatigue and insomnia too.
  • Psychological and behavioural changes can happen to patients in worst case scenarios. Anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can take place.

If you feel these symptoms after a similar incident as described earlier, you should consult a car accident doctor for proper diagnosis. Failing to do so can lead to further complications, which includes specific disabilities that can last for many years. Moreover, resulting psychological problems can affect your self-esteem and social interaction as well.

Proper treatment of whiplash injury

Many people fail to notice whiplash after an impact. That’s because its symptoms can remain silent for a considerable amount of time. Sudden emotional heights such as panic can mask the symptoms as well. The problem is, whiplash can even worsen if neglected for a significant amount of time.

Thus, you should consult the right specialist immediately after an accident. In Atlanta, for example, you should connect with Atlanta orthopedic specialist at Then, get a professional diagnosis from the right specialist for your healing process.

Proper physical therapy is highly encouraged

Before, doctors keep the neck area stationary to avoid complicating whiplash injuries. The use of cervical collar is common, which patients should wear for a few weeks. However, modern studies suggest that this type of treatment actually slows down the healing process.

Now, the best orthopedic doctors suggest an early range of motion to promote healing. This whiplash treatment usually includes rotational neck exercises on a regular basis. However, a patient should have no signs of spinal misalignment for such treatment to begin. Moreover, regular supervision from the specialist is still necessary throughout the course of the treatment.

This is quite repetitive but be sure to seek expert consultation right after a car accident. That’s even if you don’t acquire visible wounds and bruises. This is for you to receive proper diagnosis and treatment of whiplash as early as possible.

And for the best in Atlanta, consult the specialists at They offer Atlanta orthopedic services, which can help treat whiplash optimally.

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